Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.lets rethink.

"you cant change the past,but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future"

i was just goggled and i found the idea who wrote it but it is meaningful and inspirational. at least, for me.i always love to talk about time. how time affects us and how we are affected by time. it all make sense if we sit and think deeply, and i mean very deep to just browse back to what have happen for the past years...

truthfully,i have some regrets. if i have the chance; just one more chance, i wanna go back to those years and alter or adjust a few events.make it better.and my life would be as i want it to be. would it be? no one knows. to cease my pain, i always said to myself: nak wat camna, dah takdir.

cause most of us would believe, if we can control the past, we could control the present and also the future. most of us including myself, would feel sorry for what happened. but the truth is, no one to is now and here, are the things to worry. the decisions we made today will pay the consequences for tomorrow.

i'll graduated soon, hopefully.i couldn't get out of my mind thinking and worrying of what are in store for me in future.i would say that its the same dilemma faced by new product like us.sigh~ and we will plan, discuss and argue; feel full of anxiety and uneasy of what would happen to us anytime soon.

but now,i have stop.i know because i believe that the things that i have achieved in present will lead me through. so do you. for better or for worse, i should have no regrets. i have made my decisions, and i will bare the consequences.full stop.

p/s: lets go with flow, follow me :)


bareessence said...

oh mak.. i seriuosly miss u...the quote suits me the most and it touched the bottom of my heart.. i have lots of things to share, lots of questions to ask and too many answers i want from you..though, i guess u know me well..i will not be telling you all this when i meet you, like i think the presence of you is just enough!

Anonymous said...

yup.just go with the flow.

nurfarhananasri said...

hanna: cause you know i know you well, i do hope you'll make my presence meaningful by sharing.

after all sharing is caring rite?

p/s: miss you too terribly..=(

hanie: dont worry to much. you'll be just fine. believe me. =)

Insan Hot said...

huhu tersentap bila membaca entry ini. ia adalah kerana...

oh, nanti jumpa aku cerita kat kamu..*hugs*

babes, miss all of you!

nurfarhananasri said...

insan hot: maaf. bukan niat..

miss all of u too..

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