Monday, December 14, 2009

.i hate mr net.

tired and sleepy are my two favorite words for the day.

since back from medan selera,i've nothing to do.lepaking in front the tv and lean on our best nice to be at home.mama should feel far more relief.i mama was the busiest person in town ;p (kesian mama)
then i saw a small light bulb over my head :

hmm bagus gak kalo tdo nie..

but nope. that was definitely not the first thing i did. instead i went for the mr net. but why should i? and how can it be? no one can answer me? look!! a question that can never been answered. how awful and destructive mr net can be to human being? and there was i, stuck in front of my lappy til 530pm.

and this very fine moment. i am so damn tired and sleepy.shockingly i am still facing damn mr net.

p/s: im so not me.

1 comment:

bareessence said... mmg sgt jahat..

oh mak! i mish yuh!


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