Wednesday, January 20, 2010

.gettin old.

"A birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by, but to also set your goals for the upcoming year."
Catherine Pulsifer

yesterday,was my 23rd bday.the feeling was not the same as i used to feel a fe years back. ill be waiting for the day and wished that people celebrated it. for me, that day is the day for celebration.the day to be thankful to be part of person's life.

however, yesterday i was numb. the feeling was unbearrable. i wished that day wasnt meant to be mine.its undescribable.dark and full of misery. kisah hati sukar dimengerti..but the day ended with colors and happiness. my peeps were there to ease the pain. glad they were there for love you..and thanks tqvm!!:))) . and i know he is there too..and i do love you to..svm.

the wisdom words above; tells me that there is never too late to make changes. i wanna make a difference and i can sure you that its worth it to wait for..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

.no title.

juadah yang enak dijamu
katil yang empuk buat beradu
tawa rakan hilangkan rindu

hati aku masih pedih ditusuk sembilu..
amat pedih.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

.how dare you?!.

what is one thing that you cant live without?

have you ever thought of it? please, drop me an answer.i bet you might be shocked of your own choice.i have never thought about it before.i mean, not seriously.

as you get older and wiser, you'll find out that there are so much to learn. almost everything.and that everything will have so much in contact with you till you cant get out of it. before you know it, you are actually getting attached to that everything and at last you cant live without it.

it triggers me to believe on two most important things in my life which can kills me in anyway that people can be killed.

they are L.O.V.E and F.A.M.I.L.Y

do you know how vulnerable those things can be? and because of that we are very engaged to them our whole life. i refuse to answer my question above.cause i know that it is not one thing but they are two things; the only things that i cant live without. go to h*** with those lunatic + brainless people who were so shallow to appreciate how priceless those things can be! you are heartless!

believe it or not, those two words are entangled;need one and another;meaningless if being broken.please, i beg you. dont you ever ever lost faith on L.O.V.E and your own F.A.M.I.L.Y cause i can sure you that your life would certainly be up side-down.
the you'll know berape tinggi langit tue. (geram amat sangat)

p/s: penulis terkesan dengan tindakan saudara yang membelakangkan keluarga demi kebahagiaan rumah tangga.tindakan mereka mengundang malapetaka keluarga sudah pasti.
saya tidak suka. amat tak boleh terima.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

.from yikes to yeay!!.

yeay!! the goal medal is definitely the perfect way to end year 2oo9.

at last. after 20 sole years, waiting patiently for some and criticizing all the way through for most, it is a reward for Malaysia's national football team to kick Vietnam's a** for the goal medal in the Sea Games. though im not the kind of gurl who would eat and sleep with football,just yet, but i felt grateful and proud to be part of it.its like the spirit and soul of winning mix with hope and dream of every single Malaysian.

people are talking about it.and soon it'll be the benchmark for the team to carve more sweet moments like we used to have.hopefully.=)

Malaysia's football team was drowning, before.people were talking here and there.making comparisons and what not.begins with the conspiracy,discipline till the achievements itself were all chocked. myself also fall for it.afraid of losing again and again.

but people still go to mamak stall to support the team no matter what the result would be..cause bola sepak dekat di hati. i dont have to say it. you'll know yourself how football can drive you crazy like hell.

Malaysia people, may the victory will always with us.


.if only you know.

duduk termangu di birai jendela

aku terbuai bingkisan kisah kita

dirobek dan dicarik kesal tidak bertepi

aku terlentok berjuraian sendiri

patah kerana terpisah

basah keluh kesah

jiwa kosong bak patung

berteriak mohon tolong


.a new day for me and you.


a new day opens up to a new me, hopefully.

may Allah bless us in every step all the way.

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