Wednesday, December 16, 2009

.just another episode in life.

i have never heard from him since we were in high school.i browsed in his FB and he was still the same guy i used to know. poyo third degree.

then, out of the blue he buzzed me.through FB chatroom.cliche as usual..

ko pekaba?
studi kat mana skrg?
bila nak kawin nie?

the conversation was heated when he unravel his deep feelings.disappointment, anger, frustration; all stir into one unstable dough since two years was all because of a woman.truthfully. im not good in dealing with emotions, myself, but it touched me when i used to know a person who used to stand on the same road as his three years ago.

from that person's point of view, i tried to you know..say all that stuff. not just to please him but more or less, to let him know and wonder the hidden agendas behind of these unwanted events in life.yes.we have been good to people. and of course, we want them to be worthwhile.but things can get out of HIS creation, there is nothing we can do to stop.

we had a nice chat. but because i was too clumsy, i accidentally offline.above all that i was glad.definitely, not because i became a love counselor. but, it has never crossed my mind that he would trust me to share everything and anything. i was not his so called BFF or whatever.. but still, i feel awesome.

hey dude,u can find any chick u want in pasar tani. but REAL chick, with REAL attitude is rare but possible.

hey dude, all the best!!

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