Sunday, December 13, 2009


since yesterday, baba told me his wish to go for a walk at wangsa walk.from the day it was opened he had no chance to have a look. me too. so baba drove there, along with five of us (pity yah.. ahaks~)

seeing is believing. huge name, rumors here and there. definitely hopeless. thought that it would be a place for shopping spree and chill place for hand out. but

things i spot on:

1. just like its name; wangsa walk. people just walk here and there. nothing to buy. nothing to eat.

2. no big names for restaurants..the worst is there are only a few seats available. they might think people like to stand while eating. what a waste..

3. until today, there is no tgv and boiling.hello??!! people wanna go there just for them

4. it is no fun at all.

lets mogok wangsa walk.

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