Thursday, October 15, 2009

.cut the crap.

it has been almost a week since i got back from shah alam. i promised myself to finish chapter 2 in two weeks time as told by Dr Z. but till now, i just wrote a few. i dont want her to get upset or angry towards me.well i have been missing in action for a very long time..hee. sorry Dr Z.

actually i have my own mission. instead of waiting for my debate practice early next month, i thought of working and earn some money of my own. it seems like it will not going to work after all. the tuition centre that i was supposed to work for inform me that i could only start in Disember. impossible to get it through as i would be starting my last semester. so i thought of just be at home. helping mama with the house chores. and i beg my sister to help mama at stall. hehehe.

i have nothing to do at home. after finished washing the dishes (the periuk and mangkuk that mama used to cook nasi lemak and kueh), sweep the floor and vacuum the carpets, my another daily routine would be watching all over again indon sinetron that i love the most.. Intan at @ 15. hehehe. (couldnt help it). i am so bored. to ease the pain i should have started with the chap 2 rite? thought so.

and i should stop blogging and facebooking cause the real cause im at the cc was to find the info for ae.

so cut the crap.

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bareessence said...

hehe..well, i noe the feeling as i think i am not (maybe) more or less than u in facing the tension of completing that AE stuffs..

can we just close our eyes n tadaa! da siap pon AE..hehe

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