Thursday, October 08, 2009

.when it strikes back.

people are talking here and there about how bad and terrible the earth quake that has happened a few days ago in Padang. not to forget the flood which hit Philippines. malaysians feel so sorry for what has happened and we helped them in any ways that people can be helped. the survivors are trying to accept and console themselves for their lost. and at the same time they have to keep on searching for ways to start a new life that will definitely be tough. yup, time flies and one day they would be able to rise. like what is happening in Acheh rite?

but people are also talking here and there about malaysia and indonesia. the accusing part, the marah-marah part between both countries... (i know you know what i know) perhaps people might also think that everything happens for a reason. whether its a bala, or one of mother nature's reminder, no one knows. but the truth lies out there.

as usual ..
people are talking here and there about how thankful we are to be in Malaysia. some people might be affected by the disaster. and we have no room not to be afraid. but you know, nothing is impossible. apart from worrying or hoping that everything that will be fine, lets cherish and share what we have. as a Muslim, we believe that Allah the Almighty will always be with us. just obey and abide the rules. thats it. and InsyaAllah everything will be okay. as a person and a human being, just appreciate what we have~family, friends, neighbors, health, environment etc. take good care of all that. love them..

because we never know when the 'quake' strikes back..

p/s: doakan yang terbaik buat mereka .

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bareessence said...

hoping for the best for all of us...

let's pray their(BENDERA) word wouldn't turn to be reality...

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