Friday, October 09, 2009

.love you or i love you not.

i sit on the floor
and i can see he walks so slow

with his face that glow

together with sorrow

i wanna close my eyes tight
and not to sit by your side
cause when i see u at night

i can feel your bite

i really wanna cry
cause i hate being fry
please tell me why
cause i cannot say goodbye

i hate you but i love you more..

p/s: aku tengah bengang.


.napisah. said...

wah, puitis nye dalam melampiaskan kebengangan.. :) bagus2, jangan emosi cam kawan kau tuh *hihi*

ps: a good one.

nurfarhananasri said...

i wonder who would she be?
*sambil mengerling manja ke arah ko*

hee.tq for the compliment

bareessence said...

gr8 entry..bgus la ko ni..hehe

nurfarhananasri said...

heheheh.. thanx bareessence=)

bareessence said...

most welcome darling~

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