Monday, November 02, 2009

.no title.

i celebrated the month of november 2009 with sorrow and somber. i was almost give up with evrything. i just tired with all these nonsense - feelings and emotions will have no room and space anymore. it times to be rational and logic. but does it pay for everything? or will it cause for something?

at the end of the day, i just knew that it had caused me tonnes of tears. i wish that my rationality would bring me back to where i came from. to be as tough as i can be, to be as brave as i should be. but i was not perfect. i am just human. a woman who has to consider my own instict and guts that will teld me what i should do and why. at last, i have to give way to my own feelings.. hopeless i am..?

p/s: it is difficult to find love. but its more difficult to love.

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