Sunday, May 03, 2009



such feeling has encountered many hearts. people may or may not admit the feeling of loneliness. it is sorrow, gloomy and mystery.only hearts know how to interpret it. words also cannot describe the pain of being lonely.hmm, you know most of my friends have told me..

'mak, aku sunyila... aku perlu seseorang'

for young adults..

we cannot deny the fact that we want to be love. and the need to love someone. biological of human development research also shows that this is the time for girls and boys to search for their love ones. and create their love story. the failure of meeting someone special and compatible, trigger negative vibes to others who succeed of searching for their so called soulmate. and just for that, we grow the feeling of being lonely. the undescribable feeling..

yeap. i know, the feeling can derive from hopes, dreams, wishes and desires that drives someone to be closed to a person. whoever the lucky person will be, he or she is the person that has a special place in our heart. whether we are grieving over a dead body of our loved ones or mourning over the absence of a significant soul in our life he or she would totally make a different to our emotions and thoughts of how we perceive ourselves and the world..


we do not need anyone to replace the feeling of being lonely.


it happens just like that. i do not know whether others feel the same way as i am. but at times, though i have people i really love and care beside me everytime i need them, i could not bare the inner side of me that feel the sense of loneliness far from at bottom of my heart. i do not know what to do and how to make it go? but i know just one thing that praying to Allah, may the feeling go far away..and left me alone.and cry as much as i want.

no one in the world would want to be lonely. just think of thousands of orphans and the elderly, on how loneliness they feel right now? without someone to be love. or someone to talk with. who accept them for who they are. yeap, no one wants to be lonely. but believe me, how hard we try to avoid the feeling, at some point of life, you will feel and experience the most terrible poverty which is loneliness..

for me,

when i swim deeply into my heart i discover the feeling of loneliness inside of me. but i do not know how to describe it. i still lead my life as i always do; with laughter and sadness..

only God knows why..

p/s: adakah anda sunyi seperti saya...?



saya tak sunyi...

(ego defense mechanisme:DENIAL)

tht's all...

theroyalcrapster said...

yes ._."

a k i r a said...

Good one Fana! Loneliness..well in terms of devoid of relationship (man-woman) then I guess..people could categorise me as lonely too kot.

But then dwell on such things, I'd rather not. After all Allah is always with me and thus I can never be lonely because my ultimate love is with me. (of course kita SELALU sama2 kite remind each other eh?)

Eh! Kecik eh dunia..awk kenal Raja eh?

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