Monday, May 25, 2009



this case might be one of random cases. people have issue with themselves. people can always say sweet and romantic phrases or words to their kekasih hati or intan payung...

i love you always. i miss you now and forever. i will be beside you for better or worse.


it is very hard to said those words to the people who have a special place in their heart~to mom, dad, or siblings. they know that they love them so much, miss them, and will be their backbone forever but it is very hard to utter all the words. do not know why..

people, we can never stop making mistakes. and the worst part is we can never stop making mistake to those people who we love so very much. we admit the mistake. promise not to do it again. but yet before you aware of it, you are doing it again.

you know, some people are ashamed of themselves. to say the words SORRY. its like the hardest thing on planet. why is that?

we can never stop learning. learning of who we are. i do not know who i am till now. do you? but i can say that the best way to learn who we are is when we know how to say we LOVE and SORRY to the people that have taught you the meaning of life.

p/s: memaafkan diri sendiri dengan cara memaafkan orang lain.

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