Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Pamela Loftis'

to someone i love so much...

If tommorow comes and the coffee isn't made,would anyone notice that I wasn't here.

If you go to get a shirt and find it isn't clean,would you just think that I was being mean?Would you check out the window to see if my car was here,or would you just think that I was somewhere near?

And when dinner was not on time,would you look for me to tell me, you just committed a crime!And when you had to cook for yourself,would you wonder why she's not on time.

And when the phone rings to talk to momma, would you wonder why she didn't answer,or would you just blame her for yet another crime?When night comes, would you say a prayer,or would you just lie there and stare.

Then the next day comes and you find I'm still not here, would you shed a tear?Would you ask yourself, maybe I should have called her more.Or would you just say, she's probably at the store.

And when you finally see that I'm gone for good,would you miss me or wonder why I left?Nobody ever notices, until it's too latethen it's the tears that make you hurt so bad.For you knew this day would come,yet you never prepared.

You say that she knew I loved her,but did she really?Did you pick up the phone when she needed you,or were you just too busy to listen to her pain?

Were you ever proud of her,did you tell her?Or did you say, she knew I loved her.Did you ever call to say how's your day mom?Do you question now,what could I have done to make her feel better?

Took her out somewhere nice or brought her a flowerjust to show her that you love her.

And be a better husband and listen to her more.

Now it's too late, but you have one more chance....
now you can send her flowers and they can sit on her grave,
she won't get to smell them or find a pretty vase yet it may make you feel better.

You see she was always there, to listen,to care and to love with her whole Heart.

And she will leave you all with that,she left here with footsteps on her Heart.

p/s: wahai adam..hargailah hawamu..

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