Thursday, June 11, 2009

.issue in education.

we heard positive and negative comments from the public about the issue of changing the english language subject as a compulsary subject that must be passed besides bahasa malaysia subject in order for spm students to get their exam certificate.

some say;

1. the implementation would be a better way to increase students proficiency to be compared to ETEMS
2. the implemention would rather decease the students ability in rural areas due to insufficient resources such as computer and internet.
3. the implementation must outline that students must achieve far better in bahasa malaysia subject

things change whether we like it or not. as for me, our education need changes and transformation in order to help our students to achieve certain standard and to be competent to face the real world. currently, spm students only have to pass bahasa malaysia in order ot get the spm certificate despite of any failure in oany other subjects. i believe that we should be more firm and focus in what we wnat them to achieve at the end.

yes, we cannot negotiate the fact that bahasa will always be our strength and there is no way that subject should be altered and taken out from the system. i just think that if we agrre to implement it, students have to bare in mind that they must be good in bahasa also far better that english. for sure we do not want to be labelled as 'kera di hutan di susukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan' - in the sense of both subjects.

the issue of those students who live in rural areas; i believe need further discussion and negotiation. i believe that we want to make sure that all students are well educated and get the same opprtunity to success. we must not take for the granted their abilities and desire to learn and dream big. there must be a fair and clear standard where all students; regardless of where they live, the color of their skin, their religion or race will never disgrace them from succeed.

for the issue of ETEMS, until now people are still arguing and criticizing it. whatever it is, just pelase do not jeopardise the future o our own children that strive for their best just to pleased those people who are responsible for all this.

other than that, thank you.=)

p/s: sudah kering idea.

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