Tuesday, April 28, 2009


have you ever feel so in love with something? perhaps your most favorite movie, songs from your favourite singer or story books that can make you laugh and cry at the same time? have you ever feel like killing yourself if the desire is not fulfill?

i have. i am so in love with INTAN! hey, im not a lesbian. but i am now totally hook up with indonesian sinetron-Intan. it makes my life crazy. i could not stop from watching the drama (dat i hv download from the youtube) almost everyday! it makes me smile, cry, angry and stress! but i still jeopardise my sleep just because of it. i even ask my friends to call me by the name intan..
huhuhu. what have you done to me? fanatic am i?

it is not wrong to be fanatic to something or someone. but please please do not do something that can hurt you and your loved ones just because of your lunatic desire, kan? like people who go to a concert, gigs, football match or what not would rather die if they fail to meet their favourite ones.. that is what i call the fanatic loser..sigh~

people. if you do not have something to be so fanatic about, maybe you should find one.
it is worth it, especially when you are too stress and tension with exam papers that are so damn hard!!

p/s: intan is currently shown at Astro Prima every 11.00 pm. jangan lupa siaran ulangan jam 4.00pm setiap hari isnin hingga jumaat ok.

selamat menonton=)


che' napisah said...

dearest miss intan. (see, i call u by the name)

claps for being loyal towards the sinetron which is of 200++ episodes. i think i am not fanatic of anything - other than of myself.

be fanatic of me too,intan. be one.

SweetyMya said...

uhh yg neh duk promote intan die laks. eheheh ;p

bare essence said...

mari kite wat promosi ramai2!!!

undi la aril...nape die kuar...hahah...(mcm la tgk AF sgt...haha)

hurm,aku nk fanatik pada ape eh???any idea??

Anonymous said...

perkataan selain fanatic yg bole dipertimbangkan:

ps, rado tak ensem.uwek.

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